Obverse Design Badge is oval, and has one bugle facing downward. The bugle represents an old-fashioned megaphone and is a symbol of authority. Fire department officers at one time used these megaphones to direct fire fighters during a fire. There are rays radiating outward from the center to the edge of the badge. The badge has a rope edge.
Reverse Design Probably a screw or push pin connector in the center.
Metal Probably brass, 10K gold-filled. Size and Shape Oval, 35mm wide and 45mm high.
Dates Issued This badge type was used from sometime before 1956 until September 30, 1979. On that date the Fire Department was transitioned to the Canal Commission. The Fire Department remained in one form or another and is still there protecting the locks.
Issurer Panama Canal Company.
Rarity Scarce. Manufacturer Probably Russell Uniform Company of New York. Source 'hp2xsg' Collection.
Varieties None known. Note that there is nothing to mark this hat badge as being used in Panama; most likely other fire departments used the identical hat badge.

Fire Department hat badge.

Population Count Known specimens are as follows:
  1. 'hp2xsg' Specimen - private collection, pictured above.