Obverse Design Badge is based on a circle, with some decorations above and below the circle. The top decorations are some leaves or branchs and a perched eagle with spread wings. The eagle's head is down and facing to its right (our left). The circle has an inner circle with a bugle facing down in the center. The bugle represents an old-fashioned megaphone and is a symbol of authority. Fire department officers at one time used these megaphones to direct fire fighters during a fire. The inner circle has a rope or beaded edge and then there is an outer circle. The outer circle has lettering of "FIRE" curving above and "INSPECTOR" below. There is a diamond design to the right and the left of the inner circle. Below the outer circle is a leaf design coming to a blunt point. In the center of this leaf design is a small shield shape with an incuse "CZ". The inner circle of the badge has a textured background.
Reverse Design Vertical pin back.
Metal Probably nickel-plated brass (silver-colored). Size and Shape About 42 mm by 60 mm.
Dates Issued This badge type was used from sometime before 1956 until September 30, 1979. On that date the Fire Department was transitioned to the Canal Commission. The Fire Department remained in one form or another and is still there protecting the locks.
Issurer Panama Canal Company.
Rarity Scarce. Manufacturer Probably Russell Uniform Company of New York. Source 'hp2xsg' Collection.
Varieties None known.

Fire Department Fire Inspector badge. Fire Inspectors were higher on the pay scale than regular fire fighters. However, when it came to a fighting a fire they were not in the line of command. The reason they wore cap badges with their title was so on the fire ground it would be clear that they were not line officers and could not give orders on the fire grounds.

Population Count Known specimens are as follows:
  1. 'hp2xsg' Specimen - private collection, pictured above.