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-Palo Seco

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Men jerking off in public

Página Principal de Coins-of-Panama.Com

Example of an Entry in this Catalog
Examples of the Panama Collectibles Covered in this Website

Welcome to This is a catalog or reference guide of Panama coins, tokens, medals and other numismatic items from or associated with the Republic of Panama or the Panama Canal Zone.

Do you want to sell your Panama coins? I am not a dealer, just a hobbyist, but I am willing to buy your older Panama coins sight unseen, regardless of condition under the following terms. For silver coins dated 1904 to 1929, I will pay you 20 times face value (50 cents for a 2 1/2 centesimos, $1 for a cinco centesimos, $2 for a diez centesimos, $5 for a veinticinco centesimos, $10 for a cincuenta centesimos, etc.). For silver coins dated 1930 to 1962 as well as Un Balboas dated 1931 to 1974, I will pay you 10 times face value ($1 for a diez centesimos, $2.50 for a Un Cuarto, $5 for a Medio, $10 for an Un Balboa, etc.). For the silver Cinco Balboas of 1970 and 1972, I will pay you their current silver metal value (about $13 each today, September 18). Others please ask. Send me an , and I will give you my address. Ship the coins to me (at your expense, sorry!). Upon receipt of the coins I will send you the payment per the terms above via Paypal or personal check as you wish. Note that these terms are fair for average condition coins of common dates. If your coins are really nice or from a scarce date, you would be better off selling them on ebay or to your local coin dealer who can look at the coins in person. Offer subject to termination without notice, if I get too many takers for my pocketbook, etc.!

Panama has a fascinating history which includes a visit from Christopher Columbus, Spanish Conquistadores, discovery of the Pacific Ocean, attacks by the pirates and privateers including Sir Francis Drake and Sir Henry Morgan (who burned down the City of Panama), attacks from the British navy including Admiral Vernon, transit route for the 49er's (gold rush) going to California, the first transcontinental railroad, the failed attempt to build the Panama Canal by the French, revolutions, independence, the successful building of the Panama Canal by the Americans, military dictators, Panama Canal treaties, Operation Just Cause, etc. Many of these events are reflected in coins, tokens and medals.

Numismatic items covered on this web site include finca and merchant tokens, military tokens from the Canal Zone, Palo Seco Leper Colony, challenge coins, Admiral Vernon medals, military chits, wooden nickels and more. For more information you can read about the purpose of this web site. The catalog links are below, and there are many good tools in the Resources category in the left margin. More entries are being added on a regular basis. If you have images of any pieces I am missing, and are willing to share them, please me! Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy this web site!

David Plowman signature

If you enjoy this site, please consider making a donation. Thank you!

Recent Updates! 08-Feb-2008

  • Este mes hay seis tarjetas postales numismáticas de Panamá nuevamente traducidas al español por el Sr. Vicente A. Pascual. La letra “e” al final del número de estas postales las identifica como traducidas al español. Si desea comprar una de estas tarjetas postales en español, por favor mandé al Sr. Bob Karrer.

  • Seven new postcards are out, numbers PK-090 through PK-096 with titles below. These seven cards feature historic churches of Panama and the 50 Balboa gold coins of Panama. The coins had a Christmas theme. As well, the cards display an example of a Panama Christmas stamp from the same year as the featured coin. The cost for each card is only $2 plus minimal shipping costs. You can order by

    List of New Titles
    Number Description
    PK-090 Cathedral of David, Chiriquí and Christmas 1981 B/50 coin.
    PK-091 Evangelical Chapel near Dolega, Chiriquí and Christmas 1982 B/50 coin.
    PK-092 Christ Episcopal Church of Colón and Christmas 1983 B/50 coin.
    PK-093 Basílica Menor of Natá and Christmas 1984 B/50 coin.
    PK-094 Metropolitan Cathedral of Panamá City & Christmas 1984 B/50 alternate design.
    PK-095 Black Christ Church of Portobelo and Christmas 1984 B/50 alternate design.
    PK-096 Church Bells of Las Cruces and Christmas 1985 B/50 proposed design.

    Nuevas Tarjetas Postales (en Español)
    Numero Descripción
    PK-027e (Spanish) Camp Elliott view. 5 cent wide bows token.
    PK-028e (Spanish) Camp Elliott bandstand. 5 cent narrow bows token.
    PK-029e (Spanish) Camp Elliott bridge. 10 cent token.
    PK-030e (Spanish) Camp Elliott TR review. 25 cent (no cent sign) token.
    PK-031e (Spanish) Camp Elliott barracks. 25 cent (with cent sign) token.
    PK-032e (Spanish) Camp Elliott Goethals review. One dollar token.

  • I recently started creating products at, including some based on Panama coins, medals and tokens. Check them out! I get a small commission whenever you buy something, so you are supporting this web site when you do so. If there is something special I might be able to make for you, please let me know!

    make custom gifts at Zazzle

Coins-of-Panama.Com currently has a total of 571 catalog entries.
Of these entries, 474 are illustrated with item images.

Please Select a Category:

Link to regular issue coins of the Republic of Panama Regular Issue Coins of Panama
-Medio Centésimo Coins (1 entry, which includes coin image)
-Uno y Cuarto Centésimos Coins (1 entry, which includes coin image)
-Diez Centésimos and Un Decimo Coins (6 entries, all 6 with images)

Link to Colonial Coins of Panama Colonial Coins of Panama
-Panama Mint Cobs (3 entries, all 3 with coin images)

Link to Medals of Panama Medals of Panama
-Canal Medals (10 entries, 5 with medal images)
-Challenge Coins (51 entries, 49 with medal images)
-Admiral Vernon Medals (36 entries, 31 with medal images)

Link to Tokens of Panama Tokens of Panama
-Military Tokens of the Canal Zone (98 entries, 64 with coin images)
-Panama Tokens (91 entries, 60 with coin images)
-Palo Seco Leper Colony (history page, tokens count included above)

Link to Other Items of Panama Other Items of Panama
-Police, Fire and Military Badges (52 entries, all 52 with badge images)
-Metal Checks (58 entries, 53 with check images)
-Military and Merchant Chits (141 entries, 126 with chit images)
-Wooden Nickels (16 entries, all 16 with wooden nickel images)

Link to Fakes of Panama Fakes, Counterfeits and Suspicious Items (7 entries, all 7 with item images)

Sponsor An Entry Page!
Is the Entry Page Missing for the coin, token or medal you want to know about? Order the entry page of your choice! Support this website by ordering a particular entry page completed, for a $5 donation (not tax deductible, sorry!). If you see a Panama coin, medal or token, etc. listed in a catalog page or know about one but I have not created the entry page as yet, you can place an order for that page. Or if you have any regular issue coin of Panama and would like the complete information. The entry page will include a population count and estimate of value. I will complete the entry on a first-come, first-serve basis, with a target deadline of one week. If I have images available to me, they will be included. All you need is the number from the listing (for example, PT-65.15). To order, you can just fill in the blank with the number and press the "Buy Now" button below (which goes to Paypal) or send me an for my mailing address. Please me with questions or specifications for your order. I will also add unlisted Admiral Vernon tokens, but email me first so we can determine the variety you would like. I look forward to hearing from you!
Number of Entry to Add

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For Sale

Get a copy of this website on CD! There are over 500 entries of coins, medals and tokens, etc. on this website. You can have super-fast home access to them and your own personal copy without an internet connection. Also a great gift idea! Use the PAYPAL button to "Buy Now" or me to order and pay via money order or personal check (checks held up to ten days to clear).

Image(s) # Description Price
Picture of a CD CD Version Coins-of-Panama.Com on CD. Get faster access without needing to bring up the internet and have a permanent record. Shipping is $3 to a US address. $ 9.95

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