Tokens of Panama

Fichas de Panamá

Tokens are privately issued coins used as a medium of exchange. They are issued by private enterprises such as merchants, plantation owners or clubs. Sometimes they may be issued by a part of the government, but in that case they are intended for a specific use and not for the general public. An example would be the mess hall tokens used at military bases in the Canal Zone. Tokens almost always have a value on them, since they are used to buy and sell items.

Military Tokens refers to the mess, post exchange and other tokens used by the United States military in bases in the Canal Zone.
Panama Tokens refers to the merchant, plantation, mining and other tokens of Panama and the Canal Zone. An interesting subset of the Panama tokens is the Palo Seco set issued by the Palo Seco Leper Colony. While including this set in the Panama tokens catalog, I have added a history page to discuss these tokens in detail.
Picture of a Panama Name Token The category Panama Name Tokens will be added in the future to cover all the tokens from the United States and other countries outside of Panama which have the name "Panama" on the token. This includes tokens from Panama City Florida, Panama Oklahoma, Panama Billard Hall, Finca de Panama, etc.