Obverse Design Legend curving above says "THE . BRITISH . GLORY . REVIV . D . BY . ADMIRAL . VERNON". There is an inside line enclosing the legend. To our left is a ship heading to our left, with the bowsprit pointing between the letters "S" and "H". In the center is a full length figure of Admiral Vernon with his body half turned to the right, and his head fully facing right. Vernon is holding a sword in his right hand and a baton in his left. To our right is a cannon with the mouth of the cannon pointing at the letters "ER". Both of Vernon's feet are on the trail of the cannon. Below is an ornamental convex (outward curving) shell. On either side of the shell is a branch with three large leaves and several smaller leaves. The medal has a dentured edge.
Reverse Design Legend curving along the top says "WHO . TOOK . PORTO . BELLO . WITH . SIX . SHIPS . ONLY :". There is an inside line enclosing the legend. In exergue (under a line along the bottom of the medal) it says: "NOV . 22 . 1739". These stops have a hollow center instead of being a solid dot like all the other stops on the medal. There is an ornament of leaves with two stems crossed below the date. The center is the attack on Portobello. The six ships are lined up two in the top row and four in the bottom row. those below in a slightly staggered line. All ships are sailing to our left. Ropes for the sails of the ships show up as rows of dots in a line. No vessels or boats are in the harbor. A tower points to the letters "LO", a spire to the letter "W" and a steeple to the letter "T". There are water lines under the ships. The medal has a dentured edge.

There are about 41 varieties total with a ship, Vernon and a cannon in that order. Of those, twelve have Vernon standing on or in front of the cannon trail over a shell ornament. Eight have a convex shell, and in five of those the tip of Vernon's scabbard show on the left bottom side of his coat. Then it comes down to the spires or steeples on the reverse side. There this combination of spires at "LO", "W" and "T" is unique.

Metal Copper or brass. Weight About 13.5 grams. Size and Shape Round, about 37 mm in diameter.
Rarity Common. Designer or Issuer Not known. Other Catalog Numbers McCormick-Goodhart #125, Unlisted in Betts, but most similar to #231.