Obverse Design Badge is based around a center circle. Above the circle is a perched eagle with spread wings. The eagle's head is ducked down and facing to its right (our left). The eagle is holding a banner in its mouth which goes up on the eagle's left wing (our right). The banner is blank. The center circle has an inner circle with an elaborate design of a ladder, crossed hooks, crossed hydrants and a fire hat all on top of each other. There is a raised edge and then an outer smooth circle with lettering. It has the location "ALBROOK FIELD" above the inner circle and "FIRE DEPT." below. To the right and left of the center are two hexagons with flowers which have a center and six petals each. Below the circle is a rectangle with the badge number of "9". There is an leaf-like design to the left, right and below the badge number.
Reverse Design Vertical pin back.
Metal Unknown. Silver in color. Probably brass plated with nickel. Size and Shape About 45 mm by 70 mm.
Dates Issued Unknown, but pre-1949 when Albrook Field became Albrook AFB.
Issurer United States Air Force. Albrook Field was an air base on the Pacific side. The fire department was run by the Air Force until July 1, 1956, at which time all the military fire stations (except Howard AFB) were turned over to the Panama Canal Company.
Numbers Issued Pieces known include #9.
Rarity Very Rare. Manufacturer Unknown. Source King Collection.
Varieties None known.

Fire Department badge. I would appreciate e-mail from anyone who can add anything to the history of these badges.

Population Count Known specimens are as follows:
  1. Badge #9 - Pictured above. Sold on ebay by 'vonbehre@kanza.net' to David King (July 18, 2001, $91).
  2. 'bigski52' Specimen (unnumbered) - Sold on ebay by 'bmk' to 'bigski52' (June 24, 2002, $100).