Isthmian Collectors Club Journal 2010

Boletin del club de coleccionistas del Istmo

Isthmian Collectors Club Journal 2010 Page 29 of ICCJ 2010 Book Compendium of the Isthmian Collectors Club Journal 2010 (in English only)

A compendium of the nine Isthmian Collectors Club Journals from 2010, illustrated, with an extensive index. Written in English only.

The Isthmian Collectors Club (ICC) was a group for those interested in the collectibles of the Isthmus of Panama (including the both the Canal Zone and the Republic of Panama). Nine newsletters were issued annually. Articles cover such subjects as postcards, first day covers, postmarks, books, tokens, coins, and historical events of the past. This book contains the nine newsletters from 2010, with a table of contents and index.

The following articles may be of interest to Panama coin and token collectors:

  • Fort Kobbe - Howard's Older Sibling
  • Fort Kobbe Part II
  • Fort Kobbe Tokens and Chits
  • The Story of a Treasure Hoard
  • Challenge Coins Related to the Isthmus
  • Panama Releases New Coins
  • The Fort Sherman Story: Part 1

The book is US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm) and 94 pages in length. The two different formats available are paperback and hardcover.

BindingInterior ColorPrice
PaperbackBlack & White$25.00
HardcoverBlack & White$40.00

The book can be ordered from the publisher from the links in the table or the author spotlight. Several major online distributors including carry it, but not in all formats.

In Panama, my friend Eduardo Lay serves as my distributor. You can reach him via this link.