Panama Numismatics 1501-1903

Numismática Panameña 1501-1903

The Complete Guide to Spanish Colonial Coins of Panama

An illustrated, priced catalog and history of the coins of the Spanish colonial mint in Panama, the history of the "P" counterstamped coins and other coins associated with Panama from 1501 until 1903. Includes an extensive index. Written in both English and Spanish.

The Spanish crown operated a mint in Panama from 1580 to 1583 - just four short years. The mintmark of the mint was the letter "P" for the first letter of Panama with a letter "A" for the last letter in Panama. The mint was virtually forgotten for centuries. Numismatist and researcher Jorge Proctor published a book in 2005, covering his research into the original documents and describing the approximately 40 known specimens at the time. This book, which Jorge Proctor has graciously edited, covers what is now 80 known specimens. As well it covers in some detail the counterstamped coins (c.a. 1530) including those with the "P" counterstamp which were likely counterstamped in Panama.

The book describes the history, the mint operations in Panama, how to determine if a coin is from the Panama mint, denominations, assayers, and has entries for each variety. Entries include a photo and description, and price ranges based on auction results.

The book is U.S. Trade size (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm) and 107 pages in length. The book is available in two different formats shown in the table.

BindingInterior ColorPrice
PaperbackBlack & White$25.00
HardcoverBlack & White$35.00

The book can be ordered from the publisher from the links in the table or the author spotlight. Several major online distributors including and Barnes & Noble carry it.

In Panama, my friend Eduardo Lay serves as my distributor. You can reach him via this link.