Obverse Design

The challenge coin has a large blue Norman shield in the center. The shield has four white stars of different sizes all slightly tipped to our left, arranged to resemble the Southern Cross. This design is on the shoulder insignia of the 23rd Infantry Division, and represents the Southern Cross under which the unit has served. Along the right side of the shield near the top in small font it says "©JFL'96".

The legend along the upper edge of the medal says "23rd INFANTRY DIVISION". Along the lower edge the legend says "WWII", "CANAL ZONE" and "VIETNAM". The coin has a smooth plain raised edge, and a plain and smooth background.

Reverse Design

The center of the medal has a saltire (diagonal cross, looks like the letter "X") with one star at the end of each arm of the saltire. Centered on the saltire is a sword pointing up. Under the sword point at the top a large arrowhead is pointed up on the center of a radiant sun (only the upper half of the sum can be seen). Centered horizontally under the saltire is an anchor, with a ring on it (to our right). Below the rest of the design is a scroll with the name "AMERICAL" which used to be the unit designation (instead of a number) and now serves as a nickname. The coin has a smooth plain raised edge, and a plain and smooth background.

Metal Bronze finish, metal unknown. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 40 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued In 1996 or later (but by 2001) since the copyright date is 1996.
Issuer Perhaps veterans from the 23rd Infantry Division.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Common. Manufacturer Unknown. Source Plowman Collection.
Varieties None known.
Population Count As of March 30, 2004 these are being offered by at www.eaglesofwar.com for $9.95. They are readily available.
Historical Note

The 23rd Infantry Division was first activated on May 27th, 1942 in New Caledonia during World War II. It was deactivated at the end of the war in 1945. Then it was reactivated on December 2nd, 1954 at Fort Amador, Canal Zone. Then it was reactivated on September 25th, 1967 in Vietnam, and deactivated in 1971. These are the three locations listed on the challenge coin. The unit has not been reactivated, but does have an active veterans organization who may have been responsible for issuing these coins.