Obverse Design

The challenge coin has a green beret in the center, which is the distintive headgear of the Special Forces. The beret has the red insignia patch of the 7th Special Forces. The Special Forces insignia is a shield with crossed arrows and a vertical bayonet pointing up, which appears on the red patch. Besides appearing on the patch, the crossed arrows and bayonet also appear as a much larger design on top of the beret.

The legend along the upper edge of the medal says "3ER BATTALON 7MO GRUPO" which means "3rd BATTALION 7th GROUP". The legend along the bottom edge says "FUERZA ESPECIALES" which means "SPECIAL FORCES". The coin has a smooth plain raised edge, and a plain and smooth background.

Reverse Design The center of the medal has a scroll partially unrolled, with a rod through the rolled up portion at the top. This is where the name of the receipient can be engraved. Under the scroll are three base locations listed on three lines: "PANAMA", "FORT BRAGG" and "PUERTO RICO". Along the upper edge is a banner with the motto "DE OPPRESSO LIBER" which is a latin motto meaning "TO FREE THE OPPRESSED". Along the bottom edge is a banner which says "EN LAS AMERICAS" which means "IN THE AMERICAS" and would refer to the focus of the 7th Special Forces Group on Central and South America. The coin has a smooth plain raised edge, and a plain and smooth background.
Metal Tan/khaki-colored, metal unknown. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 40 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued Unknown, after Just Cause Operation December 1989 and by August, 2001.
Issuer 3rd Battalion, 7th Group Special Forces.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Common. Manufacturer Unknown. Source Plowman Collection.
Varieties None known.
Historical Note The 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) was based in Panama in the past, before the Canal and the bases around it were turned over to Panama. This unit specializes in Latin America and has special skills including a knowledge of Spanish, which is why a Spanish language challenge coin is appropriate for this unit. In Operation Just Cause, soldiers from the 7th Special Forces Group were designated Task Force Black. They supported the operation by conducting surveillance and implementing blocking tactics. Task Force Black at H-hour secured a bridge at the Pacora River and engaged the Panama Defense Forces (PDF) in an intense fire fight. Despite being outnumbered they succeeded in preventing PDF reinforcements from reaching U.S. Rangers. The Green Berets suffered no casualties in Operation Just Cause.