Obverse Design

The challenge coin has a spread eagle in the center, with the Ranger insignia on the eagle's chest. The Ranger insignia is a shield with four cantons. A lightning bolt goes from the upper right canton to the lower left canton. The upper left canton has a 12 pointed bronze star. The lower right canton has a five pointed bronze star. The 12 pointed star is the Sun symbol from the Chinese Nationalist Flag and represents the unit's close cooperation with the Chinese forces in the China-Burma-India Theater. The five-point star represents the Star of Burma. The lightning bolt is symbolic of behind-the-lines strikes, a specialty of the Rangers. The eagle is holding a branch in its right claw (our left) and a bundle of arrows in its left claw (our right). Above the eagle is a banner which says "SUA SPONTE" which means "OF THEIR OWN ACCORD". Above the eagle is "1974" and below the eagle is "OCTOBER". October 1, 1974 is when the 2nd Ranger Batallion was activated.

Along the edge of the coin are different wars and combat locations of significance to the Rangers. Between each name is a five-point star. The names are "MYITKYINA", "WWII", "KOREA", "VIETNAM", "GRENADA", "PANAMA" and "POINT DU HOC". The coin has a smooth plain raised edge, and a plain and smooth background.

Reverse Design The center of the medal is blank, and this is where the name of the receipient can be engraved. There are two banners above the center and one below. The top banner near the top edge of the medal says simply "RANGER". The second banner below says "2D RANGER BN". The lower banner, along the bottom edge of the coin, has the motto "RANGERS LEAD THE WAY". The coin has a smooth plain raised edge, and a plain and smooth background.
Metal Silver-colored, probably pewter. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 39 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued Unknown, after Operation Just Cause (December 1989).
Issuer 2nd Ranger Battalion.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Common. Manufacturer Unknown. Source Plowman Collection.
Varieties Six different 2nd Battalion varieties exist. Four varieties are similar with a large eagle on the obverse and combat locations listed on the reverse. The remaining pair appear to have been manufactured with the same dies. One is plain and one has color added. This remaining pair has a smaller eagle on the obverse and combat locations listed on the obverse.
Population Count As of January 27, 2006 this once common challenge coin is no longer being offered for sale.
Historical Note The 2nd Ranger Battalion and A and B Companies, 3rd Battalion performed a combat parachute assault on the Panamanian military base at Rio Hato starting about 1 AM the morning of December 20th, 1989 as part of Operation Just Cause. They were known as Task Force Red - Romeo. They took the runway in 30 minutes, and spirited defense by the PDF ended within two hours. The Ranger killed 34 Panamanians and wounded an undetermined number. They captured 362 PDF soldiers. The Rangers lost four soldiers, and suffered 18 wounded in the fight and 26 injuried in the drop. The two soldiers from the 2nd Battalion killed in action were Specialist Phillip Lear and PFC John Mark Price.