Obverse Design Legend across: "CANAL ZONE | GOVERNMENT | HUNTING PERMIT | 193 | EXPIRES | JUNE 15, 1911" The "93" in "193", the "15" in "June 15" and the "11" of "1911" appear to have been punched on the piece after the original manufacture.
Reverse Design Punched or engraved on the blank reverse are "GEO. LOWE" (employee's name). Second line "CK. 39178" (employee's metal check number). Third line "GORGONA" (place of residence) and last line "E.P.B." which may have been the initials of the person or department authorizing the hunting permit.
Metal Brass Size and Shape Rectangular 44 mm high by 36 mm wide with an oval hole across the top.
Dates Issued 1911
Issurer Canal Zone Government
Numbers Issued Pieces in collector hands include #164 and #193.
Rarity Very rare. Manufacturer Unknown. Source King Collection, Plumer Collection.
Varieties The reverse of #164 has first line "R.R. WIGGINS". Second line "40137" (employee's check number). Third line "SURVEY". Fourth line "PARTY, O.B." (these lines must be the employee's department). Last line "E.P.B." which are the same initials as on #193, and may have been the individual or department authorizing the permit.
Function Hunting was a controlled activity in the Canal Zone during the construction era. This hunting permit was part of the control system. I would appreciate e-mail from anyone who can add anything to the history of this piece.
Population Count Known specimens are as follows:
  1. Check #164 - Warren Lloyd Plumer Collection.
  2. Check #193 - David S. King Collection (pictured above).