Obverse Design Legend curved across the top: "ADMINISTRATIVE DISTRICT". Legend curved along the bottom "GORGONA". Three lines of legends across the middle: "No 61 | DOG LICENSE | 1911-1912".
Reverse Design Blank
Metal Brass Size and Shape Round 31 mm in diameter with an oval hole across the top.
Dates Issued 1911-1912
Issurer Gorgona Admistrative District (Canal Zone Government)
Numbers Issued Pieces in collector hands include #61.
Rarity Very rare. Manufacturer Unknown. Source King Collection
Varieties Known to me and shown on this web site are Emperador Administrative District 1907-1908, Empire Administrative District 1911-1912 and Gorgona Administrative District 1911-1912. I would think that other administrative districts and dates also exist. I would appreciate from anyone who knows of other varieties.
Function This dog license may have been issued due to the tight controls imposed under the direction of Col. Gorgas to prevent disease. I would appreciate from anyone who can add anything to the history of this piece.
Population Count Known specimens are as follows:
  1. Check #61 - David A. King Collection (pictured above).