Obverse Design Legend across: "LABORATORY". Legend perpendicular across the end: "11".
Reverse Design Three lines of legends across: "S.C.1.F. | KITCHEN. | N.S."
Metal Brass Size and Shape Somewhat fish-shaped; big oval joined with a smaller oval. The smaller oval has a round hole. About 47mm wide by 23mm high.
Dates Issued Unknown. Probably construction era (1904-1914).
Issurer Laboratory. According to stories passed down in the family who owns this piece, it was from the French hospital from during the French construction era (L'Hôpital Central de Panama, dedicated September 17, 1882). More likely, given that the legends on the piece are in English, it is from Ancon Hospital (which used to be the French hospital) during the American construction era. This hospital was later renamed in honor of Doctor Gorgas.
Numbers Issued Pieces in collector hands include #11.
Rarity Very Rare. Manufacturer Unknown. Other Catalog Numbers None.
Varieties None known.
Function Unknown. It may have been a tool check or perhaps even a key chain. I would appreciate e-mail from anyone who can add anything to the history of this piece.
Population Count Only one specimen in collector hands is known to me. I do not know of any recent sales.

Ancon Hospital Laboratory sometime in the 1920's
Ancon Hospital Laboratory sometime in the 1920's
From "The Panama Canal" photo book, author unknown