Clubs for Panama Numismatists

Asociaciónes Numismáticos

The clubs are those I know of which may be of interest to Panama collectors. If you know of a club that should be on this list, please me.

The Asociación Numismática De Panamá (Numismatic Association of Panama) meets locally in the Republic of Panama. Most recently I have been told the club meets in the Restaurante Nikos del Dorado (Nikolandia) on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7 PM. There is a yearly membership fee. For more information, I suggest contacting Nikos Liakopulos via or Panama City phone number 223-0111. I am proud to say that I am a Socio Honorario de la Asociación Numismática de Panamá (Honorary Member).

CZSG Logo The Canal Zone Study Group (CZSG) in spite of the name is mainly for philatelists (those of you interested in stamps). Annual duties are a nominal $8 a year and entitle you to receive a quarterly publication The Canal Zone Philatelist. Articles are on Canal Zone stamps and related topics. Membership also includes free copies of handbooks as they are published by the CZSG. CZSG meetings are held at a number of philatelic shows. There is also an annual mail auction which besides stamps and related items sometimes includes books, badges, commissary coupon books and other Canal Zone or Panama items of general interest.
The Isthmian Collectors Club (ICC) issues ten newsletters a year. Annual dues are a mere $8 for 2007. Articles in the newsletter cover such subjects as postcards, first day covers, books and historical events of the past. However they sometimes have articles covering subjects more of interest to the Panama numismatist, especially recently. This past year I have been contributing articles on Panama and Canal Zone tokens which have been featured in the ICCJ (Isthmian Collectors Club Journal).

Meeting of the Canal Zone Coin Club
Meeting of the Canal Zone Coin Club

Shown are Earl Dailey, Allen Swicegood and Captain Frank Kerley (going from left to right).
The Canal Zone Review called this the first coin club in the Canal Zone.
From the Canal Zone Review, January 1957 Edition