Obverse Design The legend along the top says "REPÚBLICA DE PANAMÁ" which means "REPUBLIC OF PANAMA". The center of the coin has the bust of Vasco Nunez de Balboa, the Spanish explorer who settled in Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean. Balboa is wearing a soft cap with a feather and armour. Balboa has a legend on his cap which reads "DIOS LEY LIBERTAD" which is Spanish for "GOD LAW LIBERTY". Along the bottom is the date "1907" with an ornamental dot separator on either side. The coin has a smooth plain raised rim with dentures along the edge.
Reverse Design The center of the coin says "MEDIO CENTÉSIMO DE BALBOA" in four lines, one word per line. It is Spanish for "HALF CENT OF BALBOA". Above and below this legend are ornamental lines consisting of a narrow arrowhead on either side pointing away from a center dot. The bottom right arrowhead is slightly lopsized and points down somewhat instead of straight across. The coin has a smooth plain raised rim with dentures along the edge.
Edge Design The coin edge is plain and smooth.
Metal Copper-nickel alloy (75% copper 25% nickel). Weight 0.75 grams. Size and Shape Round, 16 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued and Mintage
Date Issued Regular Mintage Proof Mintage
1907 1,000,000 None.
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Mint United States Mint (at Philadelphia). Other Catalog Numbers Asociación Numismático's M-1, Contre Porras page 72, Grigore's #8, Stickney's P-1.
Varieties Besides the standard variety, there is a common double-die variety. In fact this coin can be found with doubling on the obverse alone or on both the obverse and reverse.
Availability The Medio Centésimo of 1907 is common both in circulated and uncirculated grades.
Notes The Medio Centésimo of 1907 was authorized by Decree No. 92 on February 4, 1905.