Colonial Coins of Panama

Monedas Coloniales de Panamá

Panama was a colony of Spain for approximately 325 years. During that period of time, coins were minted for use in Panama, coins were minted in Panama, medals were issued for Panama, etc. This web site will cover all these different categories. Not included in the scope of this web site are coins and coin-like objects used in Panama but not specifically intended for Panama.

refers to Spanish colonial cobs minted in old Panama City. This mint operated from 1580 until 1583. Currently 43 examples of these cobs are known. They have a mint mark of "AP".
Picture of a Proclamation Medal The category Proclamation Medals will be added later. Proclamation Medals were issued by Spanish mainland and colonial cities as an expression of loyalty when a new monarch was proclaimed. Very few of these medals are known for Panama.