Suspicious Badge

Obverse Design Badge is in the shape of a shield with two corners and a point at the top. The center of the badge has a round seal. The seal is yellow and has a pair of gold hands holding two people colored yellow who are casting gold shadows. Below the hands are the letters "DAROE" in gold. Above the seal is a banner with black lettering which says "CAJA DE SEGURO SOCIAL". That means something like "SOCIAL SECURITY BANK". On either side of the seal is a branch in gold and green. Below the seal is a banner with the title "INSPECTORES" which means "INSPECTORS". Below the banner is a box with the word "PANAMA" in black letters, and below that box is a smaller box with the badge number of "64". The badge has a smooth background and is gold in color.
Reverse Design Pin back.
Metal Unknown. Gold in color. Size and Shape About 61 mm wide by 64 mm high (about 2 3/8 inches by 2 1/2 inches).
Numbers Issued Badge numbers include #64.
Source King Collection, purchase from 'panamadave' (David Collar).
Varieties None known.

This badge is considered suspicious in that it has a plastic type coating, similar to the known fake FK-103.1 (FF DD Policia Counterfeit). I would appreciate e-mail from anyone who can add anything to this information.