Obverse Design "AAIC" curved along the top. "NCO OPEN" across the middle. "MESS" curving along the bottom. Circle of beads close to the edge. Smooth plain raised edge.
Reverse Design A large "5" with "IN TRADE" in an oval block across the lower half of the number. Small C to the right of the upper part of the "5". Circle of beads close to the edge. Smooth plain raised edge.
Metal Aluminum. Weight 1.1 grams. Size and Shape Round, 22.4 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued May 1970 and September 1970.
Issuer Atlantic Area Installation Command (AAIC) based in Fort Davis. Also used at Fort Gulick.
Mintage 4000 total - 2000 delivered in May, 1970 and another 2000 in September, 1970.
Rarity Scarce. Manufacturer Meyer and Wenthe. Other Catalog Numbers Asociación Numismático's F-9 (photo), Cunningham's CZ130a, Curto's SC237-5, Henkle's CZ 49 and Plumer page #1.
Varieties None known.
Function Mess token.
Population Count Eight specimens in collector hands are known to me. Recent sales include:
  1. Auction sale on ebay in January, 2001 for $36.
  2. Auction sale on ebay on August 3, 2002 for $51.
  3. Auction sale on ebay on September 21, 2002 for $61.
  4. Auction sale on ebay on May 31, 2003 for $61.
Historical Notes Jerald Peterson reports that the clubs changed to the chit system after a period of using these tokens. At that time all the AAIC tokens on hand were dumped into Limon Bay off Colon, Panama.