Obverse Design Says "BATTERY F.", "4TH", "FIELD" and "ARTILLERY". Counterstamped "F". No photo or illustration available.
Reverse Design Says "GOOD FOR", one star "5¢" and another star, and "IN TRADE". Counterstamped "F" on reverse as well. No photo or illustration available.
Metal Aluminum. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 24 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued Sometime between 1916 and 1927.
Issuer 4th Field Artillery Battery F.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Very Rare. Manufacturer Unknown. Other Catalog Numbers Cunningham's CZ110b.
Varieties Comes with and without the "F" counterstamp. Without the counterstamp is about twice as rare.
Function Perhaps a post exchange token.
Historical Note

The United States 4th Field Artillery was based in the Canal Zone at Corozal from 1916 to 1918. The unit returned to the Canal Zone in 1921 and was stationed at Fort Davis until it was deactivated in September, 1927. In the dry seasons of 1924, 1926 and 1927 they were deployed to Ft. Clayton for maneuvers, but afterwards returned to their permanent base at Fort Davis.

Population Count Only one specimen in collector hands is known to me. I do not know of any recent sales.