Obverse Design "NCO MESS" curved along the top. "ALBROOK" and "AFB" in two lines across the middle. "C.Z." curving along the bottom. Ornamental bow above "ALBROOK". Circle of beads close to the edge. Smooth plain raised edge.
Reverse Design A large "1" followed by "00" in smaller size. The top of the zeros is about even with the top of the "1". Under the "00" is "IN TRADE" in an oval block going across. Below the "IN TRADE" is a line. The line is about even with the bottom of the "1". There is a circle of beads close to the edge. Smooth plain raised edge.
Metal Aluminum, colored dark blue. Weight 3.2 grams. Size and Shape Round, 35.0 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued Unknown.
Issuer Albrook AFB.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Common. Manufacturer Unknown, but has a reverse design commonly used by Meyer and Wenthe. Other Catalog Numbers Asociación Numismático's F-17, Cunningham's CZ10b, Curto's A412-100, Henkle's CZ-76 (photo) and Plumer page #1.
Varieties Comes in a dark blue and a light blue variety; previous catalogs have not distinguished between these two varieties.
Function Mess token.
Population Count Eleven possible specimens in collector hands are known to me. Recent sales include:
  1. Auction sale on ebay on March 2, 2007 for $87.00 plus $1.50 shipping.
  2. Auction sale on ebay on July 2, 2004 for $15.27.
  3. Jerry Schimmel's Auction 41 Lot #547 in September 2001 was purchased for $40 plus fees.

Albrook Air Force Base
Albrook Air Force Base
3½x5½ From Dexter Press Post Card No. C 1148. pc05-13