Obverse Design Says "COMPANY L" curving along the top. Says "FIFTH INFANTRY" curving along the bottom. In the center is a design of crossed rifles with a "5" above the cross and an "L" below. Close to the rim is a circle of beads.
Reverse Design Says "GOOD FOR" curving along the top. Three stars curve along each side towards the bottom. There is a large "5" in the center. Under the denomination and going straight across is the word "CENTS". Close to the rim is a circle of beads.
Metal Aluminum. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 24 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued 1914-1918.
Issuer Fifth Infantry (5th Infantry Co. L) located at Camp Empire.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Very Rare. Manufacturer Unknown. Other Catalog Numbers Cunningham's CZ180.
Varieties None known.
Function Perhaps a post exchange token.
Historical Note

The Fifth Infantry was stationed at Empire from November 1914 until the summer of 1918. They returned in 1939 and were stationed at Camp Paraiso from 1939 to 1943. Unit crests were adopted by United States military units after 1922. Before that, crossed rifles and the unit number was used. So most likely this token is from before 1922, and it has been attributed by Cunningham to the 1914-1918 period.

Population Count Two specimens in collector hands are known to me. Recent sales include:
  1. Auction sale on ebay on April 7, 2002 for $144 plus $1 shipping of the specimen above (AG-3 condition).