Obverse Design The legend "THE DARIEN GOLD MINING COMPANY" curves around from the lower left, along the top and over to the lower right. Curving along the bottom is the legend ". LIMITED ." with the dots acting as dividers. In the center is a full-length miner facing left, with his right foot on a shovel. Behind the miner is a landscape of hills and vegetation. The token has a smooth raised rim.
Reverse Design The center of the token has a large "50c". The legend ". PARA SIMPLIFICAR LAS CUENTAS" curves all the way around the token from the lower left up and around to the lower right. The dot divider is at the middle bottom. Translated to English this Spanish legend means "TO SIMPLIFY THE ACCOUNTS". Under the denomination and curving upward at either end in a downward arc is the legend "NADA MAS", which means "NOTHING MORE". A string of small beads follows the edge all the way around. The token has a smooth raised rim.
Metal Zinc. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Octagon, 31.5 mm across.
Dates Issued Unknown, sometime between the 1894 series and the 1903 series.
Issurer The Darien Gold Mining Company, Limited.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Scarce. Manufacturer Struck by George Yorke Iliffe, the tokenmaker of Birmingham, England (in business 1875-1934). Other Catalog Numbers Asociación Numismático's F-280, Henkle's Darien #9, Plumer page #9, Rulau's Dar 6.
Varieties Known with and without the counterstamp "3" (per Rulau).
Function Mining token.
Population Count Five specimens in collector hands are known to me. No recent sales.

The Darien Gold Mining Company, Limited was a British company. Its shares were registered on the London Stock Exchange in 1887. It went into voluntary liquidation on September 7, 1906. The company had mines at Cana and La Marca in the Darien area of Panama. The main operation was at Cana. A second company of the same name operated from 1907 to 1913, but did not issue any tokens.

The Darien Gold Mining Company had three series of tokens made, all in England. The first series is dated 1894, the second series is undated, and the third series was struck in the 1903-1905 period. Only the last series has the tokenmaker's mark "G.Y. ILIFFE BIRM.".