Obverse Design Legend begins with the word "THE". In the center is a full length figure of Admiral Vernon with his face turned to our left (facing left). Vernon is holding a sword in his hand which points at the letter "Y". To our left of Admiral Vernon is a canon. To our right of the Admiral is a ship.
Reverse Design The reverse shows the attack on Porto Bello. The legend begins with the word "HE". A tower points to the letter "T".
Distinctions There are just five varieties with a cannon, full-length Vernon and a ship in that order (there are a lot more with the ship, Vernon and the cannon in that order). Of these five, three have the baton pointing at the letter "G". One has a baton pointed at the letter "Y". This is the only one with a sword pointing at the letter "Y". It is also the smallest in diameter of the five variations.
Metal Copper and Brass, and Silver. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 35 mm in diameter.
Rarity Common. Designer or Issuer Not known. Other Catalog Numbers McCormick-Goodhart #94 and Betts #223.