Obverse Design Legend curving above says "THE . BRITISH . GLORY . REVIV . D . BY . ADMIRAL . VERNON". There is an inside line enclosing the legend. In the center is a half length figure of Admiral Vernon with his body three quarters turned to our left, but his head fully facing left. Vernon is holding a baton in his left hand pointing at the letter "Y", and his right hand is pointing with one finger at the letters "IT". The figure of Admiral Vernon goes all the way to the edge of the medal. The medal has a smooth plain raised edge.
Reverse Design Legend curving along the top says "HE . TOOK . PORTO . BELLO . WITH . SIX . SHIPS . ONLY . ". There is an inside line enclosing the legend. In exergue (under a line along the bottom of the medal) it says: "NOV . 22 . 1739 . ". There are three floral ornaments below the date. The center is the attack on Portobello. The six ships are lined up two in the top row and four in the bottom row. those below in a slightly staggered line. Five ships are sailing to our right, and the left-most ship in the bottom row is sailing to our left. There are prominent water lines except in the inner harbor. No boats are present in the harbor. A steeple points to "E", a spire to the right of "O" and a tower at the letter "I". The medal has a smooth plain raised edge.
Distinctions There are about 40 varieties with a half-length Vernon as the main obverse design. Of those, only two (including this one) have Vernon's finger pointing at "IT". Another distinguishing characteristic is that only seven of these 40 have Vernon in profile looking left. Of the two varieties pointing at "IT" , only this one has the spires and towers pointing at "E", right of "O" and "I". The other one has spires at the second "L", "W" and "T".
Detail On Obverse of VN-2.94 Detail On Reverse of VN-2.94
Detail of VN-2.94
Note Vernon's finger pointing at "IT".
Detail of VN-2.94
Note the spires or steeples at the letter "E", right of "O" and at "I".
Metal Brass. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 36 mm in diameter.
Rarity Common. Designer or Issuer Not known. Other Catalog Numbers McCormick-Goodhart #85, Betts #197.
Notes Thanks to Michael Morecroft for permission to use the images above. An interesting tidbit about this particular specimen is that Mike found it in his garden in England around 1975. It's in great shape for spending many years in the ground!

Plan of the town of Portobello in 1601
Plan of the town of Portobello in 1601
From Old Panama and Castilla Del Oro by Dr. C.L.G. Anderson