Obverse Design Legend curving above says "THE . SPANISH . PRIDE . PULLD . DOWN . BY . ADMIRAL . VERNON .". All the letter "A's" on the obverse do not have crossbars. All the letter "S's" on the obverse are replaced by number "8's". There is a line enclosing the legend. Along the bottom (in exergue) is an ornament that looks like a flower (right of center) with two leaves on each side. A full length Vernon is on the left, his body oriented 3/4 to the right, and his face looking right. His right hand is on his hip holding his sword which is pointed up and to the right. His left hand is extended and with it he is receiving the sword of Don Blass. Don Blass is on the right and facing left (towards Admiral Vernon), and is on both knees. His right hand is handing his sword to Admiral Vernon and his left hand is not visible. The field above Don Blass's head says "DON BLASS" on two lines (the letter "S's" are replaced by number "8's" and the "A" has no crossbar), although it is very weak in the example above. The medal has dentures along the edge.
Reverse Design Legend curving along the top says "TRUE BRITISH HEROES TOOK CARTAGENA". There is a line enclosing the legend. The "A's" have crossbars and the "S's" are "S's" and not "8's" on the reverse side. Along the bottom (in exergue) is the legend "APRIL 1741" (although the "1" looks like a "7"). The center is the attack on Cartagena. Two ships (with eleven guns each and three masts) are sailing left towards a fort in the foreground on the right. In the foreground on the right below the fort is a rowboat with two rowers and a passenger (Don Blas, but not named). There are waves in the water below the ships. Two forts in the middle (with five guns each) are connected by a chain boom (with ten links), behind which is a ship with nine or more guns and three masts. There are waterlines above the chain boom and below the ship. Each fort has three buildings with a flag on the center building. To either side of the middle forts is a plain with a lot of grass lines. In the background the city of Cartagena is portrayed in a straight line across the medal. A flagstaff points to the "O" in "HEROES". A short tower at the right is pointing to the "K" in "TOOK". The coast line on the right and left is at "RU" and "HA". The medal has dentures along the edge.

While many Admiral Vernon medals portray the surrender of Don Blass (Don Blas de Leso, defender of Cartagena), only twelve of them have a Cartagena reverse. Of those twelve, seven depict Admiral Vernon and Don Blass (without Admiral Ogle). Of the seven, only four portray Don Blass down on both knees (instead of one). All four have the same obverse, but the reverses vary. Two varieties say "Don Blass" on the reverse and depict him in a rowboat behind the chain boom, while the other two show a ship behind the chain boom. The two with a ship behind the chain boom are distinguished by one having barely visible waterlines and upper hand lines with slight striation as compared to the other. Obviously distinguishing worn specimens will be difficult.

Note: the reverse die appears to be identical to that of VN4-125.

Detail On Reverse of VN-4.102 Detail On Reverse of VN-4.102
Detail of VN-4.102
Note the ship behind the chain boom with waterlines.
Detail of VN-4.102
Note the flagstaff that points to "O"
and the tower that points to the "K".
Metal Copper. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 37 mm in diameter.
Rarity Common. Designer or Issuer Unknown. Other Catalog Numbers Betts #330, McCormick-Goodhart #223.