Obverse Design Legend curving above says "ADM VERNON AND SR CHALONER OGLE TOOK CARTAGENA". There is no line enclosing the legend. Along the bottom (in exergue) is the year "1741" (the "1" looks like a "7"). A full length Vernon is on the left, his body oriented 1/2 to the right, and he is facing 3/4 right. His right hand is holding a baton and his left hand is pointing towards Ogle. A full length Ogle is on the right, his body oriented 1/2 to the left and is facing forward (towards us). His left hand is holding a baton and his right hand is pointing towards Vernon. Ogle's hand is above Vernon's hand where there is a small overlap. The medal has dentures along the edge.
Reverse Design Legend curving along the top says "SPANISH INSOLENCE CORRECTED BY ENGLISH BRAVERY". There is no line enclosing the legend. The center is the attack on Cartagena. Three ships (two sailing right and one sailing up and slightly left) are entering a nearly circular harbor on which is the town of Cartagena, and passing through a narrow strait guarded by four forts. Each fort has three buildings with a flag flying from the center building and five guns. Inside the harbor are two more ships sailing right and a rowboat. The rowboat has two rowers and a passenger. Above the passenger is the name "DON BLASS" on two lines. Each of the sailing ships has three masts and a number of guns. There do not appear to be any waterlines but there are lots of grass lines. Along the top of the medal is the city of Cartagena depicted with 13 buildings. A tall tower points right of the "C" in "CORRECTED", and a flagstaff points between the "EC" of the same word. The medal has dentures along the edge.
Distinctions Eight Admiral Vernon medals portray Vernon and Ogle on the obverse. Of those eight, seven have a Cartagena reverse. Of those seven only this variety has the "SPANISH INSOLENCE CORRECTED BY ENGLISH BRAVERY" legend on the reverse. The obverse legend is also unique in starting with "ADM" instead of "ADML" or "ADMIRAL".
Detail On Obverse of VN-4.120 Detail On Reverse of VN-4.120
Detail of VN-4.120
Note positions of Vernon and Ogle.
Detail of VN-4.120
Note the tower that points to the right of "C"
and the flagstaff that points to "EC".
Metal Brass. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 37.5 mm in diameter.
Rarity Scarce. Designer or Issuer Unknown. Other Catalog Numbers Betts #322, McCormick-Goodhart #224.