Lot #1

VN-2.33 (Vernon finger left of M), McCormick-Goodhart #38, Betts # 183/187.
An Extra Fine (EF-40) example, with a lovely patina. Copper. Light wear on the highest points. Most of the devices on the coin are clearly defined. It is hard to judge how much fine detail this variety had when struck, but most likely 90% of all the fine detail is present. The obverse has few wear spots and lots of detail on coat, hair, face, etc. The reverse shows few wear spots yet has guns and buildings without a lot of detail. So they probably did not have much detail to begin with. Quite as nice as the specimen sold in a 2006 auction by a major auction house. Traces show in the deeply recessed areas of what may be luster. VN-2.33 is a relatively common variety. Size: 40 mm. Weight: 17.6 grams. Estimate: $130 to $180.