Lot #12

VN-4.140 (Vernon, Don Blas, Ogle /with Cartagena Reverse), McCormick-Goodhart #231, Betts # 323.
An Extra Fine (EF-40) example with a repair in copper. Generally light wear, especially on the highest points. Most of the devices on the coin are clearly defined. It appears to have been made with worn dies, but most likely 90% of all the original fine detail is present. The men's faces are nicely detailed, which is hard to find, while other more recessed areas are lacking in detail. A chip was apparently repaired with the same metal and has the same toning, so may have been done by the original medal maker. Estimate reduced for repair and lack of detail. VN-4.140 is a relatively common variety. Size: 38½ mm. Weight: 14.1 grams. Estimate: $100 to $150.