Consignment Sale of Admiral Vernon Medals

Here's your chance to fill in those holes in your Admiral Vernon Medal collection, or upgrade your collection! Listed below are twelve Admiral Vernon medals, ranging in grade from Fine (F-12) to Almost Uncirculated (AU-50). They are being offered here in an auction, to be conducted via email. If you would like to bid on these excellent medals, and are not already on the list of bidders, please me as soon as you can, and I will add you.


For the interesting history of the Admiral Vernon Medals, click on this link. This particular group of medals has been owned by one family for many years. The family lived near Gettysburg, and helped bury the dead soldiers from that Civil War conflict. Afterwards, General Meade gave them some personal effects as a reward for their efforts. It well could be that these medals were a part of that gift. The present owner is not a numismatist, and would like to place the medals into the hands of collectors who would appreciate them and continue to preserve them for future generations.

Auction Rules


This is an auction, and is being conducted via email in two phases. In phase 1, you may make offers for any lots in which you are interested. The offer is a committment to buy at that price, unless you are outbid by someone else. At the end of phase 1, I will update the auction with the current leading bid for each lot. If two people bid the same amount, the first offer received is the leading bid for that lot. If no bids further bids on the lot are received during phase 2, the person with the leading bid is the winner.

In phase 2 you place maximum bids for each lot in which you are interested. The winning bid will be reduced to $5 over the second-highest bid for that lot (but not below the minimum estimate). I plan on updating the consignment page with the leading bids halfway through phase 2 and also about 24 hours before the end. You may raise you bids at any time before the deadline (but not lower them!). Can you bid on a lot in phase 2 that you did not bid on in phase 1? Yes, certainly!

Contingent Bids

I will accept contingent bids. If you like (due to budget considerations, etc.) you can place a bid on one lot, and ask that if you are outbid that I place a bid on a second lot. So for example, if you could only afford to spend $130, you could place a bid for $130 on Lot 1 as your first choice, Lot 2 as your second choice and Lot 5 as your third choice. I just ask that you try to keep your contingencies fairly simple. Email if you have questions.

Minimum Bids

Any bid that meets or exceeds the lower amount of the estimate will be accepted. Bids or offers below that amount will be considered on a case by case basis. So if you bid $1 on a $45 estimate, be assured it will not be accepted. However, a $40 bid might be if no one else bid on that lot. Bids will not be reduced below the minimum estimate.

Estimates and Grading

The estimates are provided to give you a general guideline of what the medals might be worth. So use them as a guideline, but do not take them too seriously! The beauty and value of the medal is in the eye of the beholder, so what it is worth to you (and you can afford) is what you should bid. Along that same line, I took a lot of care to carefully grade each piece, but at the end of the day what matters is your opinion, not mine. So bid based on your grade for the medal, not mine! You are the one who must be satisfied with your purchase.


There are large scans provided of each medal (just click on the lot number below). Use these scans as best you can to judge the medals, and please ask any questions. I kept the color as close as possible to the original (chocolate brown in most cases), and tried to balance color versus visibility of details. So please ask if you need a better scan of anything.


Phase 1 starts now, October 17th with the deadline being Tuesday, October 23rd at midnight (11:59:59 PM Central time). I think that's 0600 GMT on October 24th for you international folks. Phase 2 will then start and the deadline will be Wednesday, October 31st, again at midnight. Please email if this is not clear.

How do I Enter my Bids?

Just me in no particular format. Tell me your offer (phase 1) or maximum bid (phase 2) for each lot in which you are interested. If you have a contigent offer or bid, just describe what you have in mind in your own words.

Payment and Shipment Terms

Payment can be via PAYPAL, money order, check or cash. Checks must clear. Shipment will generally be via the United States Post Office, unless otherwise requested. I will only charge actual postage charges and the cost of packing materials (not more than $1). Insurance is required, except for international shipment, where registered mail is required. I can provide more exact estimates on request.

Returns and Guarantees

Ask all your questions and examine the photos before bidding! Do not be surprised! Returns will only be accepted only for mistakes in the auction listing.

Have Fun!

I hope that come what may, win some lots or none at all, that this auction will be a pleasurable experience and a chance to check out an excellent group of medals and learn more about them. Please let me know via if there is anything I can do to make things easier or more enjoyable. Have fun!

Draft Final Results (to be confirmed).

CLICK on the lot number or VN catalog number for photos and full description!

Lots for Sale

Lot #VN #Betts #MG # DescriptionLeading Bid
1 VN-2.33 Betts 183/187 MG 38
Vernon finger left of M

An Extra Fine (EF-40) example, with a lovely patina. Copper. Light wear on the highest points. Size: 40 mm. Weight: 17.6 grams. Estimate: $130 to $180.
Bidder #9
2 VN-2.121 Betts 223 MG 98A
Cannon, Vernon, Anchor (No Dot)

A Choice Very Fine (VF-30) example. Copper with a silver wash. An attractive medal with generally light wear, moderate wear at high points. Size: 38 mm. Weight: 11.8 grams. Estimate: $100 to $150.
Bidder #2
3 VN-2.152 Betts 221 MG 96
Cannon, Vernon, Ship with Baton at "G" (Small Date)

A Fine (F-12) example in copper. Moderate but even wear. Entire design is bold but the high points have been worn smooth. Size: 40½ mm. Weight: 17.9 grams. Estimate: $45 to $75.
Bidder #9
4 VN-2.153 Betts 222 MG 97
Cannon, Vernon, Ship with Baton at "G" (Large Date)

A Choice Extra Fine (EF-45) example in copper. Light wear on the highest points. A sharp, very attractive (almost AU) metal. Size: 40½ mm. Weight: 13.6 grams. Estimate: $200 to $300.
Bidder #7
5 VN-2.182 Betts unlisted MG 111
Ship, Vernon, Canon - small

A Very Fine (VF-20) example in copper. Generally light wear, moderate wear at high points. Some corrosion is present in the deeply recessed areas. Not a common variety in my experience. Size: 26½ mm. Weight: 4.8 grams. Estimate: $70 to $100.
Bidder #2
6 VN-2.221 Betts 198/231 MG 125
Ship, Vernon, Canon over convex shell

A Very Fine (VF-20) example. Copper washed in gold. Generally light wear, moderate wear at high points. Size: 37½ mm. Weight: 13.5 grams. Estimate: $75 to $130.
Bidder #9
7 VN-2.260 Betts 246 MG 18
Brown and Vernon, with Dragon, Satyr and Walpole reverse.

An Almost Uncirculated (AU-50) example with a botched hole. Copper. Traces of wear or friction on the highest points. Mint luster in various locations, sharp details and lettering. Wow! Size: 37½ mm. Weight: 10.7 grams. Estimate: $100 to $150.
Bidder #8
8 VN-2.285 Betts 268 MG 145

A Fine (F-12) example in copper. Moderate but even wear on obverse. Entire design is bold but the high points have been worn smooth. On the reverse, the top of the metal has lost more detail than the bottom of the metal. Size: 37½ mm. Weight: 14.6 grams. Estimate: $45 to $75.
Bidder #9
9 VN-4.30 Betts 334 MG 214
Admiral Vernon Viewing Cartagena.

A Choice Extra Fine (EF-45) example in copper. Light wear on the highest points. A sharp, very attractive metal. Beautiful! Size: 37 mm. Weight: 11.0 grams. Estimate: $200 to $300.
Bidder #11
10 VN-4.121 Betts 324 MG 225
Adml Vernon and Sr Ogle Took Cartagena (with steeple).

A Very Fine (VF-20) copper example. Light to moderate wear. Approximately 75% of all the fine detail is present. Pleasant appearance, no corrosion. Size: 37½ mm. Weight: 13.7 grams. Estimate: $60 to $90.
Bidder #10
11 VN-4.123 Betts 319 MG 227
Vernon and Ogle True British Heroes (no star).

A Fine (F-12) example in copper. Moderate but even wear. About 50% of all the fine detail is present. Size: 37½ mm. Weight: 10.9 grams. Estimate: $45 to $75.
Bidder #11
12 VN-4.140 Betts 323 MG 231
Vernon, Don Blas, Ogle with Cartagena Reverse.

An Extra Fine (EF-40) example with a repair in copper. Generally light wear, especially on the highest points. The men's faces are nicely detailed, which is hard to find, while other more recessed areas are lacking in detail. Size: 38½ mm. Weight: 14.1 grams. Estimate: $100 to $150.
Bidder #7

CLICK on the lot number or VN catalog number for photos and full description!