Challenge Coins Catalog
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Image # Description Rarity 2007 Catalog
CH-1017.01 The Quartermaster Corps C $ 7.00
CH-1017.11 Quartermaster General's Coin of Excellence S $ 20.00
CH-1018.01 Red Horse 35 Years S $ 20.00
CH-1019.01 Southern Command Network R $ 50.00
CH-1019.11 Southern Command Recognition Ball R $ 30.00
CH-1020.01 TEAMS - Fort Kobbe Bronze S $ 35.00
CH-1020.02 TEAMS - Fort Kobbe Silver R $ 50.00
CH-1020.11 Theater Support Brigade C $ 15.00
CH-1021.01 U.S. Army Garrison Panama S $ 35.00
CH-1021.11 U.S. Army South - Hasta Luego S $ 35.00
CH-1021.21 U.S. Army MEDDAC Panama S $ 30.00
CH-6933.01 6933 Electronic Security Squadron Bronze Finish C $ 10.00
CH-6933.02 6933 Electronic Security Squadron Gilt Finish C $ 10.00
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All the coins in the foregoing Challenge Coin Catalog have a connection to Panama that can be determined just by examination of the coin. The coin might say "PANAMA", "CANAL ZONE", "FORT KOBBE" or some other Panama location on them. They might have a Panama flag or map or reference to Operation Just Cause. But they have a clear connection. The coins in the Challenge Coins Attributed to Panama Catalog below differ in that examination of the coin shows no connection to Panama. The attributions are based on members of the armed forces who were stationed in Panama or other experts who are able to identify a challenge coin type that was issued for a unit while it was in Panama. Other coins have a place in this catalog because they were engraved after manufacture with the name "PANAMA" or something similar connecting the coin to Panama.

Challenge Coins Attributed to Panama
Image # Description Rarity 2006 Catalog
CH-8106.01 106th Signal Battalion S $ 21.00
CH-9001.01 Army Communities of Excellence S $ 23.00
CH-9012.01 Los Profesionales Quality Recognition S $ 15.00
CH-9012.02 Los Profesionales Commander's Coin C $ 10.00
CH-9021.01 U.S. Army South - Ship Obverse and Eagle Reverse Design S $ 15.00