Back in 2001, the purpose of Coins-of-Panama.com was to provide the Panama collector with a complete catalog of all the possible Panama coins, tokens, medals, bills and similar items. I have enjoyed collecting Panama items and wanted like to pass along what I have learned to others.

It's now been twenty years. I stopped updating the website regularly after 2007 as I became involved in other activities, writing articles for the Isthmian Collectors Club, raising children, genealogy research, etc. But I kept the website online and paid the annual fees each year.

When I was assistant editor the Isthmian Collectors Club, I learned about self-publishing on-demand books and published two compendiums of the journals for 2008 and 2009. After a break, in 2018 I decided to create a Panama tokens book. I saw the need, so many undocumented tokens, and I had the information, the equipment, the time and the interest. I really enjoyed it, and enjoyed renewing the friendships I had in the past with other collectors, and making new friends. Attending the 2019 Coin Fair in Panama and having a book launching party was really great.

So I decided to do it again, and wrote the Military Tokens book. Unfortunately we had to do a virtual book launching party due to the pandemic. I then published the Isthmian Collectors Club Journals for 2010, and I'm now working on a book on the regular coins of Panama, including the Spanish colonial mint coins. Realizing the website said nothing about my books, I decided on doing a remodel. At some point I do plan to update the catalog entries on the website. I don't want to kill my book sales my putting everything online either, so I will be looking for some balanced approach.

I do hope that collecting Panama is a fun relaxation activity for you and that this catalog contributes in some way to your enjoyment of the hobby.

I am happy to correspond about Panama coins, so please me if you have any questions or topics to discuss.