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Welcome to This is a catalog or reference guide of Panama coins, tokens, medals and other numismatic items from or associated with the Republic of Panama or the Panama Canal Zone.

Panama has a fascinating history which includes a visit from Christopher Columbus, Spanish Conquistadores, discovery of the Pacific Ocean, attacks by the pirates and privateers including Sir Francis Drake and Sir Henry Morgan (who burned down the City of Panama), attacks from the British navy including Admiral Vernon, transit route for the 49er's (gold rush) going to California, the first transcontinental railroad, the failed attempt to build the Panama Canal by the French, revolutions, independence, the successful building of the Panama Canal by the Americans, military dictators, Panama Canal treaties, Operation Just Cause, etc. Many of these events are reflected in coins, tokens and medals.

Numismatic items covered on this web site include finca and merchant tokens, military tokens from the Canal Zone, Palo Seco Leper Colony, challenge coins, Admiral Vernon medals, military chits, wooden nickels and more. For more information you can read about the purpose of this web site. The catalog links are below, and there are many good tools in the Resources category in the left margin. More entries are being added on a regular basis. If you have images of any pieces I am missing, and are willing to share them, please me! Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy this web site!

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Coins-of-Panama.Com currently has a total of 571 catalog entries.
Of these entries, 474 are illustrated with item images.

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Link to regular issue coins of the Republic of Panama Regular Issue Coins of Panama
-Medio Centésimo Coins (1 entry, which includes coin image)
-Uno y Cuarto Centésimos Coins (1 entry, which includes coin image)
-Diez Centésimos and Un Decimo Coins (6 entries, all 6 with images)

Link to Colonial Coins of Panama Colonial Coins of Panama
-Panama Mint Cobs (3 entries, all 3 with coin images)

Link to Medals of Panama Medals of Panama
-Canal Medals (10 entries, 5 with medal images)
-Challenge Coins (51 entries, 49 with medal images)
-Admiral Vernon Medals (36 entries, 31 with medal images)

Link to Tokens of Panama Tokens of Panama
-Military Tokens of the Canal Zone (98 entries, 64 with coin images)
-Panama Tokens (91 entries, 60 with coin images)
-Palo Seco Leper Colony (history page, tokens count included above)

Link to Other Items of Panama Other Items of Panama
-Police, Fire and Military Badges (52 entries, all 52 with badge images)
-Metal Checks (58 entries, 53 with check images)
-Military and Merchant Chits (141 entries, 126 with chit images)
-Wooden Nickels (16 entries, all 16 with wooden nickel images)

Link to Fakes of Panama Fakes, Counterfeits and Suspicious Items (7 entries, all 7 with item images)